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A quick A3 format watercolor painting from last night. Girls in tubs on tub-like girls.

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He who fights with monsters should be careful he doesn’t become a monster himself. Unless that makes him more effective at fighting monsters. Like he becomes a badass werewolf who knows how to use a sword and has magic armor. That’d be so rad.
Nietzsche (via doc-sarge)
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nature is rad

That last one…I know I shouldn’t anthropomorphize, but damn, they look like friends.

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Places of Solitude, 2013 | by Laura Tidwell

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Landscapes Sculpted into Layered Antique Dinner Plates by Caroline Slotte.

The medium of artist Caroline Slotte is a familiar one.  Dishes commonly found in homes and thrift shops become surprising dioramas.  The simple images usually hidden under food become multilayered narratives.  The many memories associated with family meals, dinner parties, milestone celebrations aren’t lost on Slotte.  She says of her medium choice:

” Objects in our private sphere stir feelings in us and connect us to our history. They are tangible reminders of the past, of our own life story, and that of the family. In this way the most humble object can function as a key to the past, as a key to our inner.”

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Kristen Stewart photographed by Sebastian Kim for Vanity Fair France, September 2014

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lonk, from pennsylvania

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reading a foreign language: yeah
writing in a foreign language: ok
listening to a foreign language: wait
speaking in a foreign language: fuck

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